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David "Shack" Haralambou

As Principal of BRC, Inc.,  Shack leads a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled specialists, focused on manifold aspects of Broadcast Project Planning and Technology.  With a holistic view of clients’ objectives, he and his team evaluate operations workflow plans, design technical systems to enable those operations, assess and develop architectural space planning to accommodate associated personnel and technology, as well as provide project management expertise to assist with implementation. 
Focused on technical operations and corresponding systems, Shack’s intimate understanding of process and technology stems from substantial media production experience, complemented by his extensive engineering background.  He applies his expertise to a wide range of projects – both in-studio and on-remote – including; broadcast news, live sports coverage, live entertainment events, educational and entertainment productions, among others. 
Shack assists clients with technical designs, and accompanying systems integration services to implement those designs.  Media production studios, multichannel playout facilities, and remote/OB (outside broadcast) trucks are just a few examples of the types of projects he has undertaken. 
With degrees in Broadcast Telecommunications and Electrical Technology, and certified by the Society of Broadcast Engineers as a CBTE (Certified Broadcast Television Engineer), Shack brings his unique perspective and diverse skills to all modern broadcast/media facility design and integration projects.

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